‘We have already begun to fly; several persons, here and there, have found the secret to fitting wings to themselves, of setting them in motion, so that they are held up in the air and are carried across streams… the art of flying is only just being born; it will be perfected, and some day we will go as far as the moon.’

Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle

At Flight Creative we’re fascinated by the art of flying; its balance of beauty and functionality, strength and grace, strategy and intuition, and its ability to elevate ideas beyond imagination.

We’re an award-winning graphic design team based in Melbourne, Australia. With a diverse background in visual communication, architecture and interior design we offer a distinctive edge to our design approach.

With an interest in culture and lifestyle, we create thoughtful design communication that enables new businesses to take flight and allows established businesses to reach new heights. We enjoy drawing inspiration from fine art, literature and science.

Working with clients based all over the world, and some of Australia’s most revered brands, we provide a compelling voice for the aspiration of our clients.